Wow. So just as it starts to really sink in that it might be many, many months before any of us step foot on a stage or in a studio again , my Facebook memories come up with footage shot by Jean-luc Bouthillier Luthiermany years ago in Montreal. 

I started playing and producing live shows at fourteen and have really never stopped. It’s been part of the fabric of my life, critical to my mental and emotional health. 

It’s been the way that I give back and give to my community, the audience, and how I support my musical compadres. 

It’s been my go-to in times of strife and heartbreak, part of the universe’s magic that we tap into. 

This whole COVID-19 things is horrid and unimaginable. Being unable to share music adds a whole new level of loss, sadness and pain. 

I miss you all. Terribly.

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