JUNE 11, 2020

We're still not back to live performances and it may be a long time before we are, so here's what I've been doing to cope.  I hope you have found things and lessons and learning and joy in these very trying times:

- I have been blessed to work with Joanna Swan, who is co-producing the MUSICAL BOWLING LEAGUE with me, a 10-part songwriter series showcasing 20 artists. This is my first foray into digital live performance production and Joanna is AMAZING at this! The series launches today!

- I'm working on a new solo record while finishing up outstanding projects (no surprise here). About 4 years ago, I started thinking about a new project and what kind of music I would write that wasn't in a style or genre that I had tried before. So here we are, with the first tune, Madman At The Wheel already up and I'm working on the second. I also don't usually release singles, but really want to share what's in my head and heart with you. The project is called And the Silence Was Lifted. The next tune should go live in a week or so, as we are scheduled to shoot the video this coming weekend.

-I'm working on my arranging and piano skills. I'm a terrible piano player, just not as bad as my clarinet or violin playing - I can clear a room with either of those - but love using piano as a composing instrument. 

 I hope to see you all soon! Please stay safe and healthy!


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